Chocolate Chip Muffins

Muffins are just cupcakes without frosting.

The batter is thick and that’s exactly how it should be and its super easy to rustle up these muffins ready for your afternoon cuppa and a good film. Add lots of chocolate chips to these muffins because you want the chocolate all the way through these muffins.


The batter needs to be thick as muffins are meant to be dense unlike cupcakes…so I guess my opening statement is not quite right but still. If the batter is thick then you don’t risk the chocolate chips sinking to the bottom.

The minute these start baking they will make you hungry because they smell great. No matter how tempted you are to eat one the minute they come out the oven, please wait until they have cooled as we don’t want any burnt tongues.


Now I baked mine for 35 minutes but I did check on them after about 25 minutes just to check them as you don’t want them to be overcooked and dry. If the tops have started to brown then you should look at taking them out.

I used a toothpick to check these were cooked in the middle but you can also just press your finger into the top and if they spring back then they are ready to come out.


Chocolate Chip Muffins

Course Dessert
Cuisine British
Keyword Baking, Milk Chocolate Chips, Muffins
Servings 12 Muffins


  • 250 g Plain Flour
  • 3 tsp Baking Powder
  • 100 g Milk Chocolate Chips
  • 1 Egg
  • 200 ml Whole Milk
  • 100 ml Sunflower Oil
  • 100 g Caster Sugar
  • Pinch Salt


  • Pre-heat your oven to 190C/170C Fan/ Gas Mark 5. Add muffin cases to the muffin tray or grease the muffin tray.
  • Add your flour, baking powder, salt and chocolate chips and mix everything together.
  • Add your milk, oil, egg and sugar into another bowl and mix together. Then add these to the dry ingredients.
  • Mix all the ingredients together all combined and there are no lumps of flour.
  • Spoon the mixture into the tin/cases and bake in the oven for 35 minutes. Once baked, leave in the tray for 5 minutes then transfer to a cooling rack.

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