Favourite Recipes of 2019…So Far!

We have now gone into July that means we are just over half way through 2019. If you’re like me and not quite sure where the first half of the year went and what you did then at least we feel that way together.

I have been super busy with my baking this year and feel like I’m making proper head way with getting on the baking scene (I know it sounds silly)

I have made a fair few recipes this year and thought that why not take some time to look back at my favourite recipes from the first half of 2019. I have made such range of baked goodies from crumble to brownies.

January: My favourite recipe that I made in January was Toblerone Brownies. This came about due to having a good amount of little toblerone bars.

I’m not a huge fan of the dark chocolate toblerone but I’ll admit they went well in the brownies. These brownies were nice and gooey.

My colleague when I asked him what he thought of these brownies and he said they stuck in his mind because they were yummy. He said brownies are good and toblerone is good so when combined they are amazing.

February: In February I hit 200 followers on Instagram and wanted to celebrate it. How do you make something to do with 200? I know make enough cupcakes to spell out 200 but what kind of cupcakes.

After a very funny conversation with a friend who miss heard what I said, the idea of caramac cupcakes came to mind.

As I doubled the cupcake recipe on this one, I ended up with loads of cupcakes which is helpful when you work in an office.

They may have been my first baking fail when the middle sunk but after a little bit of saving with some buttercream icing, they turned out great.

March: March was a good month because I got the taste of doing big cakes when I made the Vanilla and Honeycomb Cake.

 I made this cake for a friend at work whose birthday it was. This cake was the biggest one I have ever made as it was four layers of sponge, it was also the first cake I ever did a crumb coat.

The honeycomb on this cake is homemade as well, I really enjoyed making the honeycomb as it gave me a chance to do something I have done. This cake completely stressed me out because the sponges didn’t come out of the tins that well so the cake was a little wonky.

My friend really enjoyed this cake and I have to admit as much as it stressed me out I was happy with the final product.

April: This was a busy month because it was Easter which meant time to make Easter Eggs. I do like Easter because it is the month where you can eat as much chocolate you like.

This month’s favourite bake has to be the simple Easter Nests because I love this. They are super easy to make but really yummy.

Yes, this recipe can be made all year round as you could add jelly snakes to the nests when it is Halloween. They are a good recipe to get kids into baking because there is not cooking involved and they can be eaten quickly after they are made.

I did eat quite a lot of these, but they are just perfect in my opinion.

May: I’ll admit there are a good few recipes in May and I should defiantly have picked the Mint Overload Cake because this cake was just incredible in taste and fun to make.

However, the recipe I’m choosing is Raspberry and Strawberry Oaties because I don’t normally like cooked fruit and this has kind of got a crumble feeling to it but I’ll admit I loved these.

They were soft and chewy, and the fruit was just a great combination. This recipe was out of my comfort zone which I really liked as it gave me a chance to try something I wouldn’t normally pick to make.

I had some of these with custard and it was just incredible. They were good warm and cold which I thought was a good bonus.

June: June was a busy month as I was away one weekend, then we just had very busy weekend and then at the end of the month it was my birthday.

Out of the small number of recipes I made, I think my favourite has to the Mint Chocolate Brownies. These brownies we probably the best ones I have made.

These brownies were hard on the outside but perfectly gooey on the inside. I have such a difficult time with brownies because I always seem to burn them or undercook them. I somehow managed to get these ones exactly right.

They were fully loaded with mint chocolate. I used a mixture of mint matchsticks, mint aero bars and mint aero bubbles.

Enjoy my favourite recipes! If you have a favourite then please let me know what recipe has been your favourite.

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